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Maximizing Space in Your New Apartment


North of Boston Apartment Interior

If you have ever lived in a small apartment, then you know what a challenge it can be to keep that space from feeling cramped and claustrophobic at times. When you’re living in an apartment or small home, it is important to make every square foot count! With a little layout design and creativity, you can make it feel spacious and open in no time. Whether you are living in the city with three roommates or starting your forever home, these ideas will be sure to help you create the vibe you want in your living area, no matter the size. Here are our top three tips on how to maximize space in your new apartment.

1) Eliminate Clutter

The absolute best way to start maximizing space in your apartment is to eliminate clutter. Getting rid of the nonessentials helps you to stay clean and keep things off the ground. This helps you to utilize as much floor space as possible. Once you eliminate unnecessary items from your home, you can begin to strategize where to store the things you use daily. This is where storage furniture comes into play. You can find storage furniture that is cute, versatile, and very affordable at most furniture stores. Having bed frames with built in drawers can help prevent the accumulation of unorganized mess under your bed. Buy baskets and containers for around your house that can be functional and decorative. Eliminating and concealing clutter is the first step in making your apartment look bigger and more organized.

2) Remember, Less is More

When you buy a small apartment, the first thing you might think is that you’re limited to buying small furniture too. This is a huge misconception! In reality, having lots of little pieces around the house can actually take up much more floor space than having a few pieces of larger furniture. Let’s take the living room as an example. You might think having lots of smaller chairs in a room would add more space, but it actually creates less by taking up more floor space. Opt for a large statement couch instead and see how the room can double in size suddenly. Not only does having one large piece of furniture provide you with more space, but it also forces perspective. This goes strategy applies to decor as well. Creating a single focal point creates the illusion that the space is larger than it actually is. This is the perfect excuse to splurge out on that retro bed or sophisticated furniture piece of your dreams when you do not have to worry about buying multiples of everything.

3) Trick Your Eye

There are lots of small design hacks that can trick your eyes into believing a space has more depth and height. One of the oldest tricks in the book is to hang mirrors around your home. Any reflective surface is going to make your walls appear that they go further back than they really do. Another easy trick is to use natural light as much as possible. Open up blinds and show off as much window as possible to give your home a light and airy feeling. If privacy is a problem, then we would suggest investing in some thin, white curtains to create a similar effect. Lastly, use a light palette for your furniture and wall colors. This has a similar effect to using mirrors and natural light. It creates an environment that doesn’t feel closed off or restricting.

With these tips, you will maximize every square foot of your small space living quarters.

*Blog written by Lisa Smalls

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    2019 Marks the 50th Anniversary of Christopher J. Barrett, Realtors!

    Chris J. Barrett - 1976Founded in 1969 by Chris J. Barrett, Christopher J. Barrett, Realtors has made its mark in the North of Boston real estate industry by relying on experience, integrity, and commitment to their clients and community. We have consistently been leaders in the market not only in Wakefield but in surrounding towns and we take pride in being a family business for over two generations.  

    From the beginning, Chris’s hard work and endearing personality set him on a path for success. He made it a point to know the citizens of Wakefield and appreciate their needs in buying and/or selling homes. Everyone loved Chris and his growing family. His wife, Marilyn, and four sons were always visible within the town whether it was serving on a town organization, playing on a sports field or succeeding in local school events.

    As the boys graduated from college and Marilyn had more time and energy to now contribute to the firm, it was clear that Chris’s vision of a family business came to fruition. Marilyn managed the office while Chris M., Michael and Gerald joined as Realtors and quickly established themselves as a premier real estate firm north of Boston. After Chris passed away in 2013, Marilyn carried his passion forward and continued on with the daily operations of the business. When looking back on the company’s history, Marilyn expressed her pride for the reputation Christopher J. Barrett Realtors has earned and for its status as a two-generation family-run business. “Wakefield is such a special place. I have been so fortunate to call this community home for nearly six decades,” Marilyn said. “As a two-generation company, I am indeed fortunate to work with my sons, all of whom are involved in the community and give back to our community.”

    The term family includes the dedicated team of Realtors who currently work at Christopher J. Barrett, Realtors and those who came before them. Each broker really takes the time to understand the needs and wants of each and every client. “Our philosophy has always been that all real estate is local,” Marilyn said as she reflected on the past 50 years. “As Realtors, it is our job to know the market first-hand. Our Realtors take the time to do an analysis of the market in which the buyer or seller is located. It’s a commitment we have followed for the past 50 years, and it’s a commitment we will continue to follow in the future.”

    Christopher J. Barrett Realtors takes pride in helping buyers and sellers with their housing needs as well as lending a helping hand to hundreds of local, regional and national organizations. Giving back to the community was something Chris and Marilyn felt strongly about from the beginning and that sentiment continues today.

    Please join us in our year-long 50th Anniversary celebration! We are very proud of this achievement and hope you will continue to call upon us for all of your Wakefield MA real estate needs.


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